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Yom Kippur morning 2018

A camel and a scorpion are at the bank of a river trying to get across. The scorpion was too small to get across himself and so he turns to the camel and says – hey, would you carry me on you back across this river? The camel, mystified at the request, replied – [...]

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Yom Kippur evening 2018

Around the beginning of the last century, a great rabbi arrived in Jerusalem from Lithuania. His name was Aryeh Levin, and he was known as the Tzaddik-the Righteous One-of Jerusalem. Like all great rabbis, Rabbi Levin spent his days studying and teaching the Torah; he also visited patients in the hospital and comforted the [...]

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Rosh Hashanah morning 2018

I’m going to tell you story this morning that you have probably heard before. One day Rabbi Hillel was sitting at home when he heard a man come to his door. Rabbi Hillel answered and the man who stood there said the following: I will convert to Judaism ONLY if you can teach me [...]

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Rosh Hashanah evening 2018

Since I started officially in July, my time has been spent getting to know just what it is that makes Temple Emanu-El special. I have had the pleasure to get to know the front office and custodial staff, learning just how much work it takes the folks behind the scenes to keep our temple [...]

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