After viewing this video, please answer these questions:

Part 2 and 3: How can we understand the Exodus story?
Part 4: Who wrote the Bible?
Part 5: How do we know that David and Solomon existed?
Part 6: What does king Josiah represent in Biblical history?
How did biblical texts survive the destruction of the first Temple by the Babylonians? (586 BCE)
Part 7: What is the connection between Abraham and the Israelite exiles in Babylonia?
What is the foundation of Judaism according to Prof. Shaye Cohen?
According to scholars, how can we understand the Torah as myth?

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#7: Elie Wiesel (part 1-2-3)
#8: Auschwitz to forgiveness
#9: Professor Amos Oz
#10: 50 years War: Israel-Arabs
#11: Heritage (parts 1-9)
#12: Judaism’s Ten Great Ideas