Temple Emanu-El is very excited about the arrival of Rabbi Arturo Kalfus who is a major supporter of the musical arts.  Rabbi Kalfus would very much like to have a grand piano for religious services, but also for the opportunity to expand our musical programming at the Temple.

At this time we are looking for that “angel” who would consider donating a quality grand piano to our Temple. It might be you, or someone you know.  As the market is quite saturated with those trying to sell pianos due to non-use or downsizing their home, it might be worth considering donating a piano and taking a tax deduction for the full fair market value for doing so.

Ideally, Temple Emanu-El would like a grand piano that is 5’4” or larger and in good condition. Regular maintenance is a plus.  Temple would make all arrangements for moving the piano.

Please call me at 248-546-8824 or (cell) 248-840-2518. You can also email me

I am looking forward to talking with you regarding this wonderful, philanthropic opportunity.

Thank you.

Linda Permut