Temple Emanu-el Kulanu

In Hebrew, KULANU means “All of us, together”. At Temple Emanu-El, KULANU has taken on an added meaning – it’s the name we’ve given to a new way of thinking about how we can best sustain our congregation financially, and ensure that our future is as strong, joyful and spiritually enriching as our past!

We as a community are moving in a very positive direction with renewed momentum, deeper and more meaningful relationships, greater participation in our programs and services and more volunteering for our social and communal projects.

There are many different ways to make the culture of giving – KULANU – your own. Whatever your choice, when you give, you make a commitment to our community, to our relationships with each other, to all of us, together!

If you would like to make a pledge to KULANU, call the office or feel free to contact President, Marty Leibowitz.