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You can find lots of useful information about membership at Temple Emanu-El on our website. However, we believe that Membership is too important to be reduced to filling out an application and sending a check. We want you to come meet our Clergy and our professional leaders. Join with us for a Shabbat service. If you are interested in our Religious School, contact Sue Salinger to visit a class room or meet a teacher. Most important of all, meet our members–founding members and third generation members whose parents and grandparents are part of our Temple, and new members who are new to our community or newly exploring their Jewish identity. That is the best way to learn how Temple Emanu-El is where you belong.

You are Welcome

Temple Emanu-El welcomes all Jewish families into our Congregational Family, including interfaith and same-sex families. We invite all members of every family to full participation in the educational, ritual and social life of our congregation, recognizing that the very different perspectives and backgrounds of our members only add to the richness of our membership. We encourage all of our members to become active participants in our many programs.

So What About Costs?

We understand that cost may be a concern if you are thinking about joining a congregation. We can’t make if free, but we will make it fair and understandable, and will work with you to find a way for you to belong at Temple Emanu-El. Our approach to cost is guided by four bedrock principles:

  • We will provide the Temple with the funds it requires to meet the needs of its members;
  • We will fairly and equitably allocate the cost of doing so among its members;
  • Dues and charges will be easily understood and administered;
  • We will makes Temple membership available to all who value it, and will never deny membership to anyone who lacks the financial means.

We have many discounts and special incentives for new members, for younger members, and for members with children in our Early Childhood Community, to make Temple Emanu-El even more affordable.

We also offer Dual Membership at reduced cost, if you are also a member of another congregation. If you live only part of the year in our area, or are looking to stay connected to family members who belong to Temple Emanu-El, this may be right for you.

You can find more information about dues and other costs by calling our Executive Director Frederick Frank.

However, because our approach to costs is flexible and fact-sensitive, we cannot tell you on our website what your costs of membership would be. Instead, to learn more, please contact our Executive Director Frederick Frank to set up a meeting.

Becoming a Jew

A pamphlet that answers basic questions about conversion in an easily accessible question and answer format.

Glossary of Words and Terms for Jewish Living

Judaism is more than just a religion: it’s a culture, a language, a way of life. And, integrated fully into these Jewish traditions are unique words and sayings. Though words may have different roots or origins (Hebrew, Yiddish, German), their meanings are universal throughout the Jewish community. This glossary introduces some of the more common sayings appropriate for lifestyle and holiday events.

Intermarried? Reform Judaism Welcomes You

Yours, mine, ours: Every couple begins with two individuals from different backgrounds. Interfaith couples and their families also face the special challenges posed by different religious traditions and sometimes cultures. This pamphlet answers some basic questions and suggests some additional resources.

Recommended Reading for Interfaith Families

Dealing with interfaith issues can be difficult at times. And, finding relevant information and resources to help you through the matter can also be a challenge. The following list of resources may help you to begin the journey for answers.

What’s Missing from Our Congregation?… YOU!

Created to examine the value of belonging to a synagogue and to dispel myths about synagogue membership, focusing on the synagogue as a house of worship, a house of assembly, and a house of learning.