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We are a congregation that believes in the power and importance of the three pillars of Judaism: Torah, (the study of our tradition), Avodah (worship), and Gimilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness.)

We are a congregation that studies Torah and asks ourselves: How does a particular teaching apply to me, my family, or the world in which I live? We study Torah through the wisdom of rabbinic, medieval, and contemporary teachers of Judaism. We believe that Torah can and should be part of our daily lives and therefore, you can find us studying Torah in formal classes and in members’ homes, in cafes, and at retreat centers. We believe that the study of Torah makes us grow and mature.

We pray to try to answer the ancient question: What are we here for? We pray to try to respond to the deepest yearnings of our spirit. We pray the traditional prayers of our ancestors, but with our own personal and modern reflections. Our prayer invokes our search for the God image we have within us. When we pray as a community, we are lifted with music, meditation moments and personal insights.

We are committed to Tikkun Olam, the repair of this broken world. We take this to mean that we have an obligation to do acts of goodness and justice locally, nationally and internationally. We believe in this communal responsibility that leads us to participate in joining coalitions and advocate for issues dear to our hearts.

We invite you into our spiritual home: You will find a great pre-school, Hebrew school and high school for your children. You will find plenty of social and fun gatherings where you will definitely find new friends. We will respond to your spiritual needs in time of happiness and in times of sadness. We will celebrate together life cycle events and be attentive to the needs of your spiritual yearnings. We invite you to join us and to contribute your talents and interests for the good of all.

Temple Emanu-El can be the spiritual home that you are looking for. Our doors are open for you.


Rabbi Arturo Kalfus                                               Cantorial soloist Kelly Onickel