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A Letter From The Rabbi:

As the Senior Rabbi at Temple Emanu-El, it is my privilege to introduce this special community to you, and to give you a sense of our Temple Family.

Temple Emanu-El is located in Oak Park, which is considered an “inner ring” suburb of the city of Detroit. Detroit, as a city, has undergone a resurgence in the last decade with younger professionals and families with young children being attracted back to the city. Data and experience has shown, they are choosing to live in suburbs like Oak Park closer to the city.

Bolstered by our strong Early Childhood Center, Temple Emanu-El has benefited from this shift and we have found stability and growth over the last five years. This means that the congregation has two distinct groups as its core constituency– empty-nesters who have remained in the area and engaged in their congregational home after their children have moved out, and those younger families who are moving into the area.

Why Temple Emanu-El

We are proud of how each member brings his or her own story to our diverse community—such as those who have a multi-generational history at our congregation and those new to our community, of all ages and backgrounds who are seeking a Jewish community – a place to call home.

Temple Emanu-El hosts a vibrant and inclusive religious school, and is one of the city’s most respected early learning centers. We understand the importance of tradition while being open to innovation.  Our congregation is rooted in social action, education, and Jewish culture. We pride ourselves on our relationships within the Metro-Detroit area.

Now, as always,  Temple Emanu-El is your home.

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