WELCOME, Abi Taylor-Abt, our new Religious School Director and Educator!




Tradition, Spirituality, Ethics: Live It, Learn It, Love It

Rabbi Akiva said: “ Love thy neighbor as thyself — that is the greatest principle in the Torah. ”

Our Education Mission

Education at Temple Emanu-El empowers adults and children to live Jewishly through their own creativity and expression through a Reform based teaching of Judaism.

Through a diverse open environment we prepare the next generation of Reform Jews.


Temple Emanu-El Education Vision Statement

Temple Emanu-El learners of all ages are motivated and engaged by our clergy and educators to grow into confident and committed Jews through a progressive, innovative and diverse curriculum for all ages. With a love for Am Yisrael and Torah as our guide, our learners develop a deeper understanding of Jewish values, ethics and Tikkun Olam (social justice and repairing the world). We strive to be a community of learners, finding value in our teachings, willing to reflect upon and share our knowledge, as we participate in Temple and Jewish life. We aspire to look upon and see in each of us T’zelem Elohim (God’s Image).

Our religious school curriculum focuses upon: Torah,

Avodah (worship and prayer),

Gemilut Chasidim (Jewish ethics and mitzvot – commandments),

Am Yisrael (Israel and Jewish peoplehood),

Ivrit (Hebrew) and

Living Jewishly (Shabbat, festivals and lifecycle events).

We aspire to be a community reflecting the TZelem Elohim (God’s image) within each one of us.

Religious School Forms

Please download these forms, fill them out and either mail or drop them off at Temple Emanu-El.

2017-2018 School Year

Yachad Forms Grades K-7

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Temple Emanu-El Forms Grades 8-12

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Religious School with Rabbi Kalfus